PlaylistTree now has a Twitter

Hey everyone, just like all the cool kids in their mid thirties, PlaylistTree now has a twitter, follow PlaylistTree on twitter at

Featured Tab Added

I just added a Featured tab to showcase all that great user-generated content!If you go to Playlist Tree and make a playlist! Your playlist might just get featured! For now you can check out the new playlist on how to learn DnD 5e. http://localhost/PlayListTree/index.php?Id=19

Why I created Playlist Tree

I’ve been developing a resource, , to organize educational YouTube playlists. With Playlist Tree, anyone can organize YouTube videos into learning trees. With Playlist Tree, you can place videos into a flowchart to create a holistic curriculum. I developed this site due to my own needs and frustration using YouTube to learn new skills. I’d find…

Create Content and Share with your Friends

Playlist Tree is in need of quality user content. If you are a content creator, we’d love to feature your content on the site. The structured format of the Playlist Tree means users will stay watching your Youtube content longer and they will not be referred to other videos.

Updates Blog

Welcome to Playlist Tree’s Updates Blog. Here I’ll be posting updates about the site as well as news I find relevant and interesting, and links to other helpful resources on learning and education. Have a great New Year 2020!